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Land use  Water use  Red Meat depends on a healthy environment  The Australian red meat industry will be carbon neutral by 2030

Sheep Sustainability Framework  Australian Beef Sustainability Framework    


Red meat is free of additives  Fake Meat is heavily processed  Recommended daily intake  Red Meat has 12 essential nutrients

Red meat vs fake meat

The Australian industry

Australia supplies 3% of the world's beef  Red meat employment  Vegetarianism in Australia  Industry Biosecurity

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Producer videos

The Good Meat producer videos tell the stories of Australian red meat and livestock producers, their commitment to animal welfare and sustainability and the nutritionally rich protein they produce.

Visit to see more producer stories.

Wilmot Cattle Co.

Restoring the ecological health of the cattle properties they manage for Wilmot Cattle Company in Northern NSW, is a passionate focus for Stuart Austin, Trisha Cowley and their young family.

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Stu and Erica Halliday, Ben Nevis Angus

Ben Nevis Angus is a family-run beef property located in the in the high, cold country of Walcha in northern NSW.

Fifth generation graziers Stu and Erica Halliday are determined to leave the land in a better state for the next generation and are committed to regeneration.

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Courtesy of Clarity and Leadership for Environmental Awareness and Research at University of California, Davis on YouTube.

Cattle and the Biogenic Carbon Cycle

Rethinking Methane

Greenhouse Gas emissions and warming: Stock Gas versus Flow Gas