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A single animal produces over 1500 portions of cooked beef

A single animal produces over 1,500 portions of cooked beef in line with recommended daily intake.

This would provide the recommended dietary red meat intake for seven adults for a year.


Average liveweight of a steer at slaughter 450kg

Hot Standard Carcase Weight

55% of liveweight remains after removing the head, hide, hooves and offal


Saleable meat

72% of hot standard carcase weight remains after the removal of most bones, apart from those sold at retail such as T-bone


Retailed products

90% of saleable meat remains after trimming for retail sale


After household trim and waste, raw beef

90% of the purchased product remains after final trimming and preparation


After cooking

Around 70% of raw weight remains after cooking due to evaporation and loss of pan juices


Number of lean cooked 65g portions

101kg divided by 65g



Nothing is wasted from the carcase, everything from nose to tail finds a use and market.
Nothing is wasted, with by-products going to a range of markets including edible uses, pet food, tallow, meat meal, blood meal and hide products.